Is the biggest music single of the year from the Nigerian Senate in the offing?

Senators Ademola Adeleke (L) and Dino Melaye (R)

These two Nigerian Senators Ademola Adeleke and Dino Melaye are the most artistically talented senators in the eight National Assembly.

In doubt? Check out Dino's performances here and here, while Senator Adeleke's performance can be found here.

When they were pictured together, our musings instinct told us perhaps we are in for a chart toping music collaboration from them. 
  • Senator Dino - lead singer
  • Senator Adeleke - lead choreographer
  • Senate President Bukola Saraki - Executive Producer
  • Record Label - Nigerian Senate Music Inc.
  • We nominate @donjazzy and @cobhamsasuquo as joint producers. 
We bet 'Alaba boys' (another word for the HQ of piracy in Nigeria and unfortunately the government is clueless in tackling this menace killing our creative industry) wouldn't dare pirate this.

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