Is Aso Rock smelly or someone IMPORTANT farted?

President Buhari (L), Oba Ewuare II of Benin kingdom (M) and his subject (R)

  • On Thursday 23 November, 2017 the Oba of Benin visited President Buhari in Aso Rock.
  • This is not the subject of our musing but the look on the face of the king's subject. 
Our take on the matter
  • Pictures say a thousand words...then the distraught face of the subject could mean a thousand things but two things come to mind, either;
  1. That particular spot where the picture was taken is smelly perhaps from rats' poo and urine. This is not impossible considering the news of rat infestation following the President's last medical vacation or;
  2. Someone farted! Now you decide who that someone could be.
  • The smell must have been out of this world for the subject to betray his emotions openly like that. He 'spoil face finish'. Chai! *in a certain Mrs. Goodluck's voice*

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