Amazing: In America, the quickest way to get a job right now is giving the middle finger to POTUS' motorcade

Caveat: you may get fired first but hundreds of thousands of job offers will come afterwards.

Juli Briskman (credit: Google images)

  • In Virginia, 50 year old Ms Juli Briskman was cycling about the same time POTUS' motorcade was passing. Customarily, she saluted but in a 'creative' way, she gave the middle finger instead of the traditional salute.
  • Consequently, she was fired from her marketing executive her job at Akima LLC, a U.S. government contracting firm.
  • Briskman has now received 453,678 job offers (and still counting) from employers all across America.
Credit: Juli Briskman

Our take on the matter
  • She is lucky she is from America, if she tries that in Africa, Nigeria especially, she probably will be in DSS detention center right now, spending weeks and months without trial.
  • She may never get a job until the present government leaves as employers would not have the balls to align with her against The President.
  • Dear immigrants, borrow yourself some sense, NEVER copy this woman available flight back...
  • It takes gut to stick to your guts.
  • Every disappoint is a blessing.

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