See! Garbage in Garbage out. These pictures show why Nigeria is the way it is.

The past determines the present and the future therefore Nigerians, take a look at the past and change your future. A nation cannot grow beyond the capacity of the leaders. Take a look at USA and speak a thousand words

Picture 1: NIGERIA's past leaders (8) with the exception of Buhari (2nd right) who at the time the picture was taken was a former military ruler but now the current president due to the fact that Nigerians love recycling.

When some of these leaders gather, they discuss stuff like how to choose the next president, how to form a political party that will rule for sixty years, exchange ideas on how to remain relevant as godfathers bla bla bla

Pictures 2  & 3. America's past presidents (5) presently in a fundraising drive for victims of hurricane

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