Someone please tell me there is justice in this world - In Osun, Court Sentences Man to Death for Stealing N3,420.

Nigeria: a place where someone steals N3.420 and is sentenced to death by hanging while looters of our commonwealth walk free and spite our sensibilities with their ill gotten wealth

If I attempt to do a list of past and present government officials who are facing corruption charges or those that have been outrighttly convicted but slapped with a go-and-steal-no-more ridiculous fines or those who have even glaringly won in court due to the incompetence of the state prosecutors 'we will not leave here' today.

Is it not this same Nigeria someone was acquitted but found guilty and imprisoned in the UK? 

  • We learnt from the dailies that this man, Kayode Adedeji committed this crime on April  25, 2009. He robbed one Omowumi Adebayo at Bolorunduro Area of Ilesa of the money.

Our take on the matter 
  • He committed an offence and we believe he should be punished. Being a serial offender, he committed another offence while on bail which led to him being remanded in Ilesa prisons for a 'loooong' time without trial. Now that he has been tried, the death sentence is too heavy for that paltry sum.
  • Now, at musingsamplified, we believe in the legend of Osogbo weed or what else would have influenced this kind of cruel judgement.

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