Will Willian Ekanem, crippled by Chinese Boss at Bedmate Furniture in Magboro with Kung Fu kick get justice at all?

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We read this story from the Punch Newspapers and we couldn't help wonder why Nigerians are so cruel to fellow Nigerians and why those charged with keeping the citizens safe are the ones who outrightly violate their rights or collude with foreigners to do this. Here goes the summary of the story...

  • The 27 year old Willian Ekanem bought a bag of rice from Iya Melo, a foodstuff seller on the premises of Bedmate Furniture in Magboro. The Chinese boss, known as Master Wan demanded to see the bag of rice but Ekanem refused this request because the rice is his personal business which he bought with his personal money.
  • Wan forcefully checked the content anyway but according to Ekanem, he said as he was leaving, Master Wan gave him a kick in the back, This demobilized him. 
  • Wan also stamped his foot on the victim before he was rescued by some other workers on the premises.
  • Since this incident, the victim has not been able to stand upright or work well.
  • To add insult to injury, the matter was reported to the Ibafo Police Station but nothing was done.
  • It is alleged that the Divisional Crime Officer allegedly took a N50,000 bribe from the Chinese company and accused Ekanem of exaggerating the assault.
Our take on the matter 
  • Stories like this are far too common. Foreign workers in Nigeria routinely brutalize and abuse Nigerian workers and they get away with it. 
  • If only we have a serious government that will take the welfare and security of its citizens seriously, this would not been happening. 
  • If this account is true, we hope that Wan ends up in Kirikiri prison where he can test his Kung Fu skills with the inmates. 
  • One fearful slap from the Don of the cell will make him forget all his skills instantly. 'Shior'. Nonsense. Absolute nonsense.
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