VIDEO: Racism or plain stupidity? Woman demands 'white doctor' for son at Mississauga clinic in Canada

Watch the video below


  • A white woman takes her son to the hospital, insists that her son would only be attended to by a white doctor.
Our take on the matter 
  • The color of the doctor's skin is apparently more important than the health and well being  her child.
  • The world can never be rid of racism, however, no one should allow himself or herself be a victim of racism. We love the way the lady and other staff attending to the woman defend ed themselves, their dignity and their hospital.
  • Except the color of blood in humans is not red or the grey matter has different coloration per ethnicity or nationality, no one in their right senses should exhibit racist tendencies.
Credit: ViralVideos YouTube Channel
Credit: CBC News YouTube Channel

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