MUST READ LETTER TO GOVERNOR AMBODE - LAGOS: Mega city, prospective smart city but presently a VERY DIRTY city


22 June, 2017.

Dear Governor Ambode,

How are you and the business of governance? We hope you, your family and your cabinet are doing great, if so, DOXOLOGY! 😄😄😄😄😄

The purpose of this letter is to inform you in case you have not noticed that our Lagos getting dirtier day by day and also because 'itesiwaju eko lo je wa logun'

Remember your commendable ambition to make Lagos a smart city? We wonder how you will achieve this if as a mega city we cannot have a decent level of sanitation. 

The pictures below show massive waste being dumped along the recently repaired Okota-Festac road. We remember the pomp and pageantry during the commissioning of this road by the VP. To think this road is now a refuse dump site, Chai!!!. We hear and see same things in other parts of Lagos. If you see that of Ajah or perceive the offensive smell, we bet you will not be able to eat for one week

In conclusion, please make Lagos cleaner. Lest we forget, kudos on the pedestrian bridges and proactive measures to reduce traffic girdlock.

Best Regards
'Musers' of MusingsAmplified

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