Shall we now call it "COAT" of many colours? Black man with botched circumcision gets penis transplant from a white donor

“The patient is black, and the donor was white. We have very few donors for this transplant procedure. But that is the only issue left.
He is certainly one of the happiest patients we have seen in our ward. The penis is working well, he can get erections already.

The patient is expected to regain all urinary and reproductive functions of the organ within six months of the transplant.

The man had been in relationships before, but whenever the question of sex arose, he bailed out. That will no longer be a problem.” - Prof. Andre van der Merwe, Lead Surgreon of the Penis transplant team

  • In Tygerberg Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa, there has been a successful penis transplant for a forty year old man who lost his penis due to a botched circumcision attempt 17 years ago.
  • He shall now have his penis tatooed to black because the donor is white.
Our take on the matter
  •  The tattoo option had better work because we bet that will cause a lot of scary reactions when the time of usage comes 😃😃😃😃
  • This is a great second chance. This time, he'd better be more careful with how he treats that thing. It should be handled with great care.
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