Youths in Burundi are fast learners from a certain Senator in Nigeria, threaten to impregnate opposition women


  • In Burundi, a video has gone viral on social media showing the youth wing of the ruling party CNND-FDD, known as Imbonerakure (meaning those who see from afar) singing and bragging that they will impregnate the opposition so that they give birth to Imbonerakure.
Our take on the matter

  • As their name implies, they have truly seen from afar because Burundi to Nigeria is quite a distance where not too long ago, a certain senator threatened to impregnate another senator.


  • In this global village called 'The World', a tiny, thoughtless action can resonate round the globe. Who would have thought that this Senator in Nigeria would become a role model to youths in far away Burundi?
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