Well done Sokoto State! Passes bill on compulsory and free education for children

" after due consultation with all stakeholders, it was resolved the bill should imply that all children from the ages of six to eighteen have the right to free education" - Alhaji Aminu Bala, Chairman Committee on Education, Sokoto State House of Assembly

  • The Sokoto State House of Assembly just passed a bill making it mandatory for children to be enrolled in school.
  • The bill makes provision for right to education for children of six to eighteen; by implication, it means free education up to Senior Secondary level.
  • Children within the age bracket must attend school and failure to do so will attract sanctions
Our take on the matter
  • Kudos, Thumbs up, 'Tuaile', 'Gbosas' to the members of the state house of assembly
  • Actions speak louder than words. This is what the north needs, conscionable actions rather than seminars and symposiums and complaints about 'almajiris' and the high rate of uneducated children in the North.
  • We hope other state Governors will follow suit.

  •  Where there is a good legislature, there is progress.
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