WARNING!!! Snakes on rampage in Gombe state - Government builds N500m specialist hospital for snake bites

We learnt from Tribuneonlineng that;
  • Dr. Ishaya Keneedy, the Gombe state commissioner for health says that the state government has built a N500m snake hospital at Kaltungo 
  • The aim is to give succor to the victims of the snake bites which has become rampant in some communities in the state.
  • Specs: 250 bed space and can accommodate  up to 150 patients at a time

Our take on the matter 

  • Specialist hospital for snake bites? This must be serious. 
  • Wouldn't it not be more effective to build smaller treatment centers per local government which would make treatment closer to the people.
  • Have they bothered to find out factors engendering incessant snake attacks? This is a proactive approach.
  • Our business mind is thinking....what if the government import a handful of snake charmers from India to disarm all the snakes. We bet they wouldn't spend up to a tenth of that amount,,,just our business mind so you don't have to take this opinion serious but nonetheless it is a cheaper approach 😄

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