There WAS a man, his name was Idi Amin aka Dictator, There IS a man, his name is Bashir Abubakar his hobbies include expelling state house correspondents in Aso Rock

Just imagine for a second or two...tick tock...if this CSO is in a position to wield greater influence or authority either now or in the future...

Lekan Adetayo, expelled but now reinstated Puch state house correspondent

  • It is no longer news that President Buhari's CSO expelled Punch Newspaper correspondent, Lekan Adetayo from Aso Rock over a report on the President's health
  • To make matters more interesting, he did not consult the media office before taking this overzealous action which obviously is a bid to please his 'oga' at the top.
  • Thankfully, it has now backfired and the correspondent has been reinstated
Our take on the matter
  • The best punishment for over zealousness is 'clipping of wings'
  • It is obvious that he has no regard for protocol hence he did not consult the media office before this unilateral decision.
  • This is another validation that Nigeria has strong men and wannabe strong men and not strong institutions. 
  • No matter how light the National Agenda may be, please our Dear President, let the building of strong institutions remain a priority.
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