ğŸŽ¶Solidarity forever ğŸŽ¶...Nigerians on Amsterdam to Lagos KLM flight prevents a Nigerian from being deported

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Credit: Kayode Ogundamisi

Here is our own version of the story

Suddenly, a strong corporate inspiration cruised through the minds of all Nigerians on a KLM flight from Amsterdam to Lagos and the song 'solidarity forever...' began to play repeatedly in their heads.

This moved them to insist that a fellow Nigerian scheduled for deportation, handcuffed, brought on that flight be removed from the flight insisting he should not be deported. The flight crew had to comply.

The man to be deported was heard saying that he was jailed for five months for no reason (well...) but if that is true then KSA's song comes to mind, 'ori mi ye o ja, ja fun mi...'. His 'head' has fought for him!

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