Smart thief but stupid economist: In Lagos, maid steals boss’ $10,000 and exchanges it at N86/dollar

News Source: Punch Newspapers 
  • She works as a maid in Gbagada area of Lagos. Her name is Blessing Paul. She forced her boss’ room opened with a knife while the woman was at work. 
  • She handed the money to the Daniel the house guard, he in turn  gave it to Amos, another security man at another residence in the area.
  • The money was changed at N86/dollar shortchanging the thieves N2m.
  • Now they have been nabbed but there is a twist, the Bureau de Change operator claims Amos gave him only $5000
Our take on the matter
  • This is a robust supply chain stealing!
  • Housemaid and boys are an ever abiding risk.
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