Sickening! Parents use 15-year old boy as collateral for N8000

Credit: Investopedia

We learnt from Punch Newspapers...
  • A 15 year old boy, Ajala Samuel has been used as a collateral for N8000 loan and has not been seen till now since June 2016 even though he was loaned out for two months because according to the step father, Idowu Isiaka, they were in dire straits financially.
  • Investigation shows that the boy has been passed around/resold to different people.
  • Police are now making efforts to find the boy.
Our take on the matter
  • Yes, finding the boy is good and critical but the human trafficking ring in this case should also be busted by the police to avoid future occurrence. 
  • The heart of man is wicked. Very wicked. Human being as collateral is the height of savagery 

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