Salvo of Life! Fayose says Obasanjo romances corruption and intensely too.

“Obasanjo that I know does not have morals rights to accuse anyone of corruption because he eats and sleeps with corruption.” - Ayo Fayose,Governor of Ekiti State.

  • Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has always taken a swipe at National Assembly members for being corrupt. Recently the Church came under his holy searchlight and accused that institution of aiding and abetting corruption. This did not go down well with Governor Fayose who has now replied him..
  • Speaking through his SA on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka, below are the turbo charged salvos fired at OBJ.
  1. “Where did Obasanjo get the stupendous wealth he is parading since he was a pauper before he became president? Where did he get the trillions of naira that he deployed to his failed third term bid"
  2. How can Obasanjo, under whose tenure Nigeria witnessed Halliburton scandal be sermonising about corruption?”
  3. “Isn’t compelling State Governors to make donations to the personal project of a serving president part of corruption?”
  4. “Who introduced politics of Ghana-must-go bags to the National Assembly?"
  5. “Who was the president when sacks of money were displayed on the floor of the House of Representatives, as bribe money given to some Reps members to impeach the then Speaker, Ghali N’abba?
  6. “Under whose administration was the out-of-court settlement in the ‎controversial $1.09 billion Malabu Oil Block initiated in 2006?”
Our take on the matter
  • Regarding politicians in Nigeria, ALL, 'NOBODY HOLY PASS'
  • Will OBJ reply or treat these questions as rhetorical questions? Fingers crossed.
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