Osheyyyy! Mobile Brewery 'niyen' - Woman accused of incurring N757,000 debt at a Lagos bar

We learnt from Punch Newspaper that...

  • A certain Mrs. Shaw, aka Mama G has distressed the business of Ademola Ogunbona, a bar operator on Lekki Beach Road.
  • She came in as early as 6am, drank herself to stupor and ordered that all drinks should be on her till she was allegedly whisked away by some persons  in a Honda car to Rotary Garden Estate, Ilasan, Ajah, where she lives with her husband.
  • The matter is now with the police but the family has paid N200.000 in good faith pending the outcome of investigation.
  • Mama G has since allegedly travelled to Ghana. 
Our take on the matter
  • This is not normal. Perhaps depression or mental issues.
  • The bar operator lacks discretion and very greedy too thinking that he has met his 'maga' that day or what was he thinking till the bill rose to that amount without any tangible prospect of payment.
  • Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.

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