Note to the office of the AGF and DSS: 'Gra Gra' does not win the fight against corruption hence Judge dismisses charges against Justice Ademola and Wife.

  • In October 2016, the Department of State Services invaded the homes of some Judges in gestapo style. Justice Adeniyi Ademola was among them. His wife was subsequently arrested.
  •  They were charged to court on allegations that 'illegal' monies were allegedly paid into their accounts.
  • They have now been discharged and acquitted. In his ruling, the trial judge, Justice Jude Okeke of the Federal High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Maitama, Abuja made the following submissions that shows that the prosecution was a joke or bunch of jokers;
  1.  The prosecution was unable to make out a prima facie case with respect to any of the 18 counts. He added that no reasonable court would base its conviction on strong suspicion and speculation fueled by the feeling of fight against corruption, in which the charges were built on.
  2. The prosecution is supposed to prove them guilty and not the defendants proving their innocence.
  3. The prosecution was unable to make out a prima facie case showing that the sum of N30m paid by Agi into Olubowale’s bank account in three tranches of N10m each between March 11 and 26, 2015, was gratification meant to influence Justice Ademola in his official functions.
  4. The prosecution was unable to prove that the N30m was not a gift as claimed by the defendants.
  5. The 16th witness, an officer of the Department of State Service, Babatunde Adepoju admitted that he could not link the gift of N30m to any case Agi was having before Justice Ademola.
  6. The prosecution should carry out proper investigations before suspects are arraigned.
Our take on the matter
  • We desire, with every fiber of our being to see the tide of corruption stemmed especially in the judiciary but it is a real shame that the office of the Attorney General of the Federation and DSS would do a shabby job on a supposedly high profile case as this.
  • Kudos to the trial judge for looking at the facts and ruling objectively and not at 'faces'. 
  • Since the anti-corruption war by this present  began, can anyone show me a high profile case that the government has secured conviction? Even former Governor of Adamawa state, Ngilari, though convicted has been released from prison in a most comedic manner.
  • Incompetent public officials who waste tax payers' money on fruitless prosecution are as guilty as milking the country dry as looters of our commonwealth. 
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