Nigerian? Travelling to Indonesia? Virgin Passport? If Yes, then NDLEA must give you a letter of recommendation to apply for Visa.


  • The statistics regarding the nationalities of drug peddlers in Indonesia is unfavorable to Nigeria.
  • In recent times, Nigerians have been executed because of drug trafficking in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia has now introduced a new policy for virgin passport holders to get recommendation from NDLEA before they can apply for Visa.
Our take on the matter
  • How does this reduce or discourage drug traffickers?
  • If someone with the intention of trafficking drugs is interviewed by NDLEA, will he tell them his intention?
  • Policies should not just be developed for the sake of it. It should be carefully thought out.
  • This new policy, 'Kolewerk'. Why? Frankly speaking, because this is Nigeria. If fake customs paper can be used to clear a car meant for the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, what then is ordinary recommendaton letter? 
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