Mr. Lai, Is the agenda getting lighter? FEC meeting did not hold yesterday (Wednesday) because of Easter holiday which ended on Monday

"The staff on the Council secretariat resumed on Tuesday after the Easter. There was no time to prepare and circulate memos to ministers. 

"By practice, the ministers receive council memos two or three days ahead of meetings because they must read them and sometimes undertake research..." - Garba Shehu, Senior Special Assitant to the President on Media and Publicity

  • The Federal Executive Council meeting holds weekly on Wednesdays but it wasn't convened today.
Our take on the matter 
  • Recall that President Buhari was absent at the last FEC meeting fuelling rumours about his health but the Lai Mohammed. the Minister for Information and Culture quickly dismissed that saying it was because the agenda was light.
  • Shall we now conclude that it is because the agenda is lighter this week that is why FEC did not hold.
  • If the agenda gets progressively lighter at this rate, there won't be more FEC meetings in the future. Perhaps FEC Whatsapp group for quick and important updates. #JustSaying.
  • Bureaucracy is the bane of public institutions. Imagine that FEC meeting is a stakeholders meeting for an important project at a top notch firm, will Easter holiday be enough to cancel that meeting? 

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