Minster of Communications comes for 'Constituted Authority' says Ajimobi is ruling Oyo with impunity

“This impunity must stop; it must be checkmated at all costs" Minister of Communications, Barrister Abdur-Raheem Adebayo Shittu

  • Governor Ajimobi has inaugurated caretaker chairmen for the 55 local governments and local council development areas in the state.
  • The minister, while featuring on 'Bottom Line', a program on MITV made the following remarks that show all is not well between him and Governor Ajimobi especially regarding the constitution of caretaker chairmen in the Local Governments.
  1. The refusal of the governor to conduct local government election “is not only a disservice to the people of the state, but also a disservice to the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.”
  2. “Facts should be said. The stakeholders are frustrated by the way the executive has been treating them". 
  3. “The governor does not even deem it fit to invite me to the stakeholders meeting; this issue of impunity must be checkmated”.
Our take on the matter
  • The Minister is angry because he was not invited to the stakeholders meeting. We blame him, if he had watched that 'constituted authority' video he would have known that Constituted Authority does as he pleases.
  • Because where two elephants fight the grass suffer. Governor and Minister, please do not fight. Thank you.
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