Mere conjecture or tangible evidence? Governor Wike says IGP has ordered his assasination

In an interview granted to The Punch Newspapers and published on 09 April, 2017, he governor of Rivers state made the following shocking statements;

On Rivers state commissioner of Police
"...when he was going to be sent, there were about three of them that were called, and interviewed. They said they were going to kill me. They took this one who said he would be diplomatic about it. We know. This police commissioner has an agenda; I can’t be deceived. I’m not saying he should go; let him stay. He has been given an assignment to kill me. No problem. No man dies two times".

On Inspector General of Police
"The inspector general of police, who removed my security details without letting me know until when I was going out and realised that I had no security personnel. What is the implication of that? When a supposed chief security officer of a state wakes up in the morning and realizes that he has no security personnel attached to him, what do you expect? What’s the implication? Danger!"

Our take on the matter
  • Dear Governor Wike, this is a very weighty allegation. If you have prove and for the sake of Nigeria please raise the temperature of this issue several notches higher but if this is just a mere conjecture, it will be a most irresponsible thing to do considering the implications of your statements.
  • Cases like this provide a litmus test to measure the strength of our institutions (if we are strengthening them at all). President Buhari should therefore set up an independent panel to investigate this.
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