Listen up people! Tomato is the new oil and gas business as Tomato seller claims N250m Balogun Market cash

“A man came on Wednesday claiming the money belonged to him and that it was the proceeds of his trade in tomatoes.”

“We asked him what business fetched him the money, the man said he deals in bringing tomatoes from the North to sell in Lagos. We asked him why he did not put the money in bank, he said he does not use banks. Meanwhile the money is in bales with bank wrappers bearing stamps dated as recent as 6th April, 2017.

“The man was arrested, his statement taken but has been given an administrative bail as investigations continue,” - an anonymous EFCC source (as reported by Nigerian Tribune)

  • Recently, the EFCC disccovered N250m in Balogun market. Read the story here
  • A tomato seller has now come forward to claim ownership.
Our take on the matter
  • This man must know a secret about tomato business that no one knows. He'd better apply for a patent on that knowledge. It is trade secret.
  • All ye graduates roaming 'upandan' looking for white collar jobs, open your eyes!!!

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