Like Nigeria like Vietnam? Government official claims he built a $134k villa working as a part time Okada rider.

  • In Vietnam, there is an anti-corruption warrior who goes by the name Nguyen Ky. He also doubles as the Deputy Head of the Commission for Internal Affairs in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. He built a luxury villa valued at $134,000.
  • His villa, which he has now been ordered to demolish because it is on a land reserved for agricultural purposes has 200 square meters of floor space, a 152-square-meter pool and a 91-square-meter dining area.
  • Although his salary has not been revealed but typically public officials do not make more than $500 a month.
  • He has an explanation for where he got his money though. By working as a motorbike taxi driver. Typically, a motorbike taxi driver earns less than $20 per day. 
Our take on the matter
  • The numbers certainly do not add up.
  • This story mirrors Nigeria. The wealth of most public officials is not commensurate with their salaries. 
  • Our very own Andrew Yakubu, a former NNPC boss claims that $9.3m recovered from him by EFCC, Nigeria's anti-graft agency is not stolen money but gifts and donations from friends. He must have some super magnanimous friends.
  • Corruption is a universal problem not particular to Nigeria although Nigeria seems to be  romancing this menace on a steamier level.
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