Lagosians, based on logistics, very soon you will start getting permit to sh*t as you now require a permit to sink borehole


  • Dr. Babatunde Adejare, the state Commissioner for the Environment has disclosed that the government would take an inventory of all boreholes in the state to trace sources of pollution of underground water.
  • Residents should obtain registration permit for their boreholes. The fee for this he did not disclose in clear terms but he said there would be minimal charges.
  • He also says this becomes imperative to minimize underground water pollution and curtail water-borne diseases.
Our take on the matter
  • After paying for the newly introduced radio permit, now it is time to start paying the government to drill borehole that will be drilled with private money and in private houses which private citizens  hustled hard to build and not provided by the government. 
  • At this rate, won't the government wake up one day and introduce SHIT TAX or SHIT PERMIT? Anything can happen...
  • If half of the effort that will be put into this newest revenue generation tactic is concerted towards better service delivery at the Lagos State Water Corporation, Lagosians would not even see the need to drill borehole if there is constant water supply
  • Lagos and charges or taxes or other coloration of taxes are like siamese twins.
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