Just like that? North Korea media says country ready to wipe out US

"The world will witness how Washington’s rash nuclear aircraft carriers are turned into a huge pile of steel and buried at sea and how a country called America is wiped out from the Earth”


  • In an Editorial, an official North Korean website wrote a piece highlighting the country's preparedness to attack US. The editorial believed to be written by an army officer will also lie US to know that it is not Syria and any attack will be met with instant counter attack.
Our take on the matter
  • Senator Melaye, please we need you to teach President Trump the 'Ajekun Iya' song because it is apt at the moment 
  • All hands must be on deck to ensure that WWIII is not started by rising tensions. The world cannot afford it. Last time we checked, bunkers are not yet deployed in every household on the world. Until then, WWIII hold thy peace. You hear?

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