Incredible! Guru Maharaji says he holds the key to President Buhari's health.

“He is supposed to seek help from black men and not white men in London,”

“Remember the last time he was going out of the country for medical attention, I was the only one who said he would come back safe. What I’m saying is that let’s harness our power here to save ourselves. You cannot sit down and be saying Maharaji Ji is not a Muslim or Christian. Is God a Muslim? So, if he can come to me, I’ll heal him. - Guru Maharaji

  • The self acclaimed saviour of the world made these statements during the 30th year anniversary of the Maharaji Village.
Our take on the matter
  • But who told him that the President is presently sick? As in officially?

  • He should start with the people suffering from Meningitis outbreak first. That is clearly an emergency.

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