Govenor Yari of Zamfara has definitely incurred the wrath of Emir of Kano for him to earn this V8 turbo charged salvo

“Abdulaziz Yari quite ludicrously said that the deadly meningitis rampaging his State is divine punishment for fornication. He didn’t say how this was revealed to him because Zamfara certainly doesn’t have the highest number of fornicators in the nation. We are stuck with political leaders who only pretend to be Godly because sycophants always refer to people in high political office as a “Godsend”. Paradoxically despite being ruled by all these “Godsends” we have spectacularly failed to progress as a nation. Muslim countries are holding their own in the modern world proving that Islam is not a religion of underdevelopment. However, the likes of Zamfara State Governor Yari only strengthen this prejudice..." - Muhammadu Sanusi II - Emir of Kano

  • Governor Yari has been in the news lately for not so good reasons. He claimed that the Type C Meningitis outbreak ravaging his state is God's punishment due to fornication (read story here). He remains adamant on his submission.
  • This drew a reaction from the Emir of Kano which reflected in  the speech he gave during the second edition of the Kaduna State's Investment Summit (read about the speech here)
Our take on the matter
  • But it is true, if not for decorum and respect for 'consituted authority' (apology to Governor Ajimobi), we would have also said that Governor Yari is ...

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