Emir Sanusi's speech at #KADInvest2.0 is the most intelligent speech in recent times by any public figure in Nigeria

  • Kaduna state is presently hosting an Investment Summit. There he gave a speech. Below are snippets from the speech;
  1. We have Governors, they spend 1 month in China then return with MOUs of debt - HRH Sanusi.
  2. We need to invest in education and healthcare. We are in denial.
  3. The North East and the North West of Nigeria are amongst the poorest parts of the WORLD. Not just Nigeria.
  4. If Borno and Yobe were countries, they'd be poorer than Niger and Chad.
  5. I publicly opposed the opposition of the Movie Village in Kano. We had a comparative advantage with Kannuwood. Now, that entire industry is now being moved to Kaduna. I am sad Kano has lost it. Happy Kaduna got it.
  6. We refuse to recognize that the rest of the Muslim world has moved on.
  7. We have this myth in Northern Nigeria. Where we try to create an Islamic society that never existed.
  8. We are fighting culture, we are fighting civilization.
  9. Islam is not univocal. There are many view points. We have allowed the most conversation of them to prevail.
  10. What is the purpose of a large population, that is uneducated and jobless?
  11. We (Northern Nigeria) have a complete failure of social policy. To address this, we must reclaim our religion.
  12. Some 200 people died from meningitis. A Governor actually said it was cause by fornication?
  13. Meningitis as punishment for fornication has absolutely no basis in Islam. It is science not religion.
  14. We should stop allowing human beings appropriate our religions for selfish reasons.
  15. Growth will not come from rising oil prices or from borrowing & spending govt. money, it'll come from investments.
Our take on the matter
  • If all Nigerian leaders strife to be objective and not trying to be politically correct at all times, the country will move  forward.
  • Well done Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II for speaking the truth. Plenty 'gbosas' for you.
  • You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. He has spoken the truth. I hope Nigeria will accept it and not continue to live in denial.
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