DOUBLE 'WAHALA? 'You are going to add your own problems to APC's problems. PDP chieftain tells PDP decampees

“These group of people have no positive objective for the party they are defecting to. Their main objective is to seek for political appointment and when non is forthcoming, they will create confusion in the party and cause disharmony among the genuine members of the party” - Chief Sunny Onuesoke - Delta State PDP Chieftain 

  • Worried by the spate of defections from PDP to APC in Delta state, Chief Sunny Onuesoke called those leaving PDP dead woods who would have sunk PDP but having left they would go and cause problems in APC.
Our take on the matter
  • There is love in sharing. The decampees just want to share some love...or trouble.
  • Even the VP agrees that both parties are in trouble so what is the fuss about leaving one trouble for another. It is just trouble migration instead of economic migration.

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