Do you know someone who pays a condolence visit to a bereaved team member's family and still has time for photo op? We know one

  • Senator Bukola Saraki led a delegation on a condolence visit to Senator Isiaka Adeleke's family. This in itself is very good. Very proper. The right and noble thing to do.

  • However, we are amused about a photo consciously showing the Senate President posing for photograph with the delegation. 

Our take on the matter 
  • Considering the sober mood, a photo op is not appropriate.
  • Of course it is beyond his control if his photograph was taken unawares as opposed to consciously posing for one.
  • Life goes on afer all. This should be a wake up call to those of us who are still alive to make the most of our time here and affect humanity positively as much as we can.

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