Democracy or what? Prof. Okey Ndibe quizzed upon arrival at MMIA


We gather from Sahara Reporters that Prof. Okey Ndibe was quizzed upon arrival at MMIA.

  • Prof. Okey Ndibe is a foremost political columnist. 
  • Now, there is nothing wrong with that at all as the DSS can question anyone in the interest of national security.
  • The worrying part is that they told him to go and clear his name in Abuja yet they still released him. 
Our take on the matter 
  • Telling him to go an clear his name in Abuja; is he a drainage pipe that is blocked and needs to be cleared? Who are the plumbers or handymen in Abuja that will do the clearing. We are asking for a friend.
  • If he has a case to answer, why did they release him in the first instance. Is that not undermining national security. These two positions are contradictory but then Nigeria is full of contradictions.
  • Is our government blacklisting citizens now without informing them?
  • If this trend of arbitrarily arresting or detaining or quizzing citizens especially those actively engaged in shaping narratives in the socio-political space continues, then it may be safe to conclude that we (citizens) are in for it. 
  • The government should create a web portal managed by the DSS where citizens can check if their names need to be cleared. To be 21st century compliant, I hope the clearing can be done online. Something like e-Clearing.

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