Definitely a son of Belial: Gunman kills 78yr old man in Cleveland live on Facebook

  • On Easter Sunday, a 37-year old man, Steve Stephens went on rampage in Ohio killing 78 year old Robert Goodwin in a random attack. He did this live on facebook.
  • He was seen in a video saying to a friend that he had killed 13 people and will continue to kill "until they catch me" adding that "I shamed myself"
  • He also said  he “just snapped” and had a lot of “built-up anger and frustration”.
The Video is too graphic we decided not to post it but see photos below

The Killer: Steve Stephens

78 year old Robert Goodwin Sr shot in the head, filed live on facebook

Prior to being shot, he was holding his hands up in surrender and in horror

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