Dear Nigerians, these pictures shows why you should never take sides with political gladiators but with Nigeria.

  • These pictures were reportedly taken at Jumat prayers on Friday 07/04/2017.
  • It shows President Buhari, Senate President Bukola Saraki, Customs boss Hameed Ali and EFCC boss was also reported to be present although we can't see him in this picture. There is an undeniable political squabble/ego clash among these even though they may deny it but Nigerians are not foolish. We know. 

Our take on the matter 

  • Dear Nigerian youth, please be wise and galvanize for a better future starting from 2019. Do not be foolish and waste your time blindly queuing behind political gladiators. Stand for Nigeria and Stand with Nigeria alone. 
  • Learn to tackle issues objectively and not spurred by sentiments. You may be in opposition today and still air your opinions dignifyingly and not debase to pettiness. You may be in power todday or working for your 'ogas' in power, that does not give you the licence to lose your objectivity. You may be non-aligned but that does not mean you should be complacent.
  • 'Politicians go, politicians come but Nigeria go remain'

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