Dear James Bond, 'you too small', our own Gov. Wike survived five assasination attempts. Real life not in movies (FYI)


  • Earlier, Gov. Wike accused the IGP and Rivers CP of planning to assassinate him (Read the story here)
  • The Police force countered that accusation with their own facts (Read their response here)
  • The State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Dr. Austin Tam-George said in a statement that there have been five attempts on Gov. Wike's life. 
  • He said that the first attempt on Wike’s life was made immediately after the Supreme Court verdict affirming his election victory. The governor’s Chief Security Officer was suddenly removed without any explanation, stressing that six police officers, dismissed by the police in January, played a key role in foiling the series of attempts to kill the governor.
  • He also alleged that N150m was paid to two of the dismissed officers to directly kill the Governor but they refused.
Our take on the matter
  • Looks like a nollywood blockbuster is brewing.
  • But there might be a problem with the script because the commissioner forgot to give the remaining four instances when an attempt was made on the Governor's life.
  • Politics is not a do or die affair...not in Nigeria.
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