Daily Word Tonic 13/04/2017

Abayomi G. Omotayo

Do not believe the lie of the devil that you are not adequately equipped to reach your goals. God always equips us sufficiently, however that sufficiency may look quite intangible but nonetheless it will surely do the job.

Phil 2:13 (NIV) "For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfill his good purpose".

Look at these good examples;
  1. Moses: all he had was a rod. With it Pharaoh was defeated and the red sea became an express way.
  2. Gideon: all he had were 300 unskilled men to face a mighty army. They won.
  3. Jesus: all he had were 5 loaves and 2 fishes yet 5000 men ate to satisfaction and 12 baskets remained.
  4. Wife of the son of the prophet: all she had was nothing "except a small jar of olive oil" which turned out to become plenty vessels of oil. 
and the bad example
  1. The servant with one talent who went to hide it thinking it was too intangible to make any difference. When the master came, he was disgraced.
What do you have in your hands? That is what God has given you as a bridge to move from where you are to where you are going. Use it!

Do have a God-full day

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