Charcoal calling the kettle black? Despite refual to #OpenNASS, speaker Dogara challenges state governors to render account of their security votes


  • The books of the National Assembly should comfortably enter the Guinness book of records as the best kept secret of all time. They have refused to make public the finances despite repeated calls by Nigerians.
  • Today, the Speaker of the House of Representatives while speaking at a retreat organized in Kaduna by the National Assembly earlier today challenged state governors to account for their security votes. He made the following statements;
  1. “I will like to challenge him (el-Rufai) to champion this cause for transparency in the budgetary process from the national assembly to other arms of government” 
  2. “We want to see clearly how chief executives of states are paid. What do they spend monthly as security votes? And if they can publish what happens to local government funds under their jurisdictions. That will help our discussion going forward.”
Our take on the matter
  • Dear speaker, governance is not a 'do me I do you' affair (apology to P-Square).
  • The responsibility to do the right thing should not be predicated upon whether others are doing the right thing or not.
  • One day, Someday, hopefully earlier than expected, we will have an open and transparent government in Nigeria at all levels. You can quote us on this.
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