Birds of the same feather? Ayade says no ideaological difference between APC and PDP

“What Nigerians need now is peace and unity.There is indeed no ideological difference, whether you are in PDP, APC or you belong to one faction of the party or the other,” - Ben Ayade, Governor of Cross River State, Nigeria.

  • The governor made this statement when the the national chairman of the PDP, Ali Modu Sheriff paid him a visit,
Our take on the matter 
  • This is true to a large extent even their slogans are synonymous. For there to be  transformation (Transformation Agenda), there must be Change. Isn't it?
  • From Ayade's submission, it is safe to say that APC is a mutation of PDP so there is a dominant PDP DNA in APC. Birds of the same feathers...

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