Big Brother Africa or Brazen Hypocrisy? Buhari congratulates Turkey on successful referendum

  • Turkey concluded a referendum om Monday 17 April, 2018. By the determination of the people, sweeping changes were made on how Turkey will be governed.
Our take on the matter
  • We have thrown the National Conference organized by the last administration into the dustbin (it is never a good idea to throw away the baby and the bath water - wise words of the elders)
  • What about the UWAIS report? Even though not a referendum it is nonetheless a reform engendering report.
  • We have not found a way to peacefully and maturely confront Biafra agitation instead innocent lives of protesters are wasted by 'stray bullets' during protests. By the way, if there is truly Justice, Fairness and Equal Opportunities for all whether peasant or blue bloods, nobody will have time for any nonsense protest not to even talk of Bia or fra 'sef'
  • It is not every matter that one should put his mouth. You 'gerrit?'

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