AWOL, Casual Leave or unannouced Medical Vacation? President Buhari absent at FEC meeting

  • The Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting holds weekly. Today is another meeting day but the President was absent. VP Osinbajo presided.
Our take on the matter
  • We will not join conspiracy theorists and start postulating as follows;
  1. Maybe he took a casual leave
  2. Maybe he has gone back to London like he informed us when he returned from that long personal-turned medical vacation.
  3. It could be stomach troubles, maybe Presido eat something causing upset in his tummy yesternight and it would be too much distraction for him to leave incessantly during FEC meeting.
  • The FEC meeting held, matters of state did not grind to a halt due to the President's absence. No wahala. Baba will come back to us.
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