All ye Nigerians who shit anywhere and anyhow, FG is giving you till 2025 to stop else...

FG develops roadmap to end open defecation in Nigeria

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  • Nigeria is reported to have the highest number of people practicing open defecation in Africa. This figure is estimated to be over 46 million people with more than two-thirds of the population lacking access to basic sanitation facilities.
  • In the light of the above, the FG has come up with a road map to end open defecation by 2025.
  • Obanliku Local Government Area, Cross River State, Nigeria has attained  the Open Defecation Free status meaning people don't shit anyhow and anywhere in this LG.
Our take on the matter
  • For the target to be met, there must be concerted efforts to provide public toilets every where including the villages and rural areas.
  • FG, please don't waste money on radio jingles and sensitization programs without putting the necessary infrastructures in place.
  • The FG should make Obanliku LG a case study and reference point. This will be  a good starting point.
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