African Nations Cup: New CAF President says he is open to change in dates

“I am not wholly against the idea of a change. But my gestures will be to listen to people and open the debate in an official way. Anything related to the Nations Cup is a priority for us.” - Ahmad Ahmad, CAF President.

  • The African Nations cup usually runs from January to February every two years.
  • The newly elected CAF President Ahmad Ahmad says he is open to the idea of changing the dates. 
Our take on the matter
  • It is a wise decision he has taken to make wide and robust consultations first. 
  • Shifting it close to summer may be dicey during World Cup periods and after summer because of African players playing in Europe will most likely start the season with fatigue from the stress of playing in the Nations Cup and World Cup in quick succession.
  • Change is the only permanent thing in life.
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