Abayomi G. Omotayo

I wrote this ten years ago. It remains valid now and forever!

A great multitude the Israelites were
Onward to the promised land they marched
God’s very own people needed to be fed
But food for the great number in the wilderness was but a dream
In the rain of manner from heaven
The good Lord, his providence shown

Difficult it certainly would be in Israel For the next three and half years without rain
To Elijah the prophet at the brook called cherith
The good Lord, his providence shown
To the helpless widow of Zarephath
Through the supernatural replenishment of the bin of flour and the jar of oil
The good Lord, his providence shown

The master and his disciples
Mischieviously challenged by the scribes
Just to a fault find
Off peter to the river
In the mouth of the fish
The good Lord, his providence shown

Should I into the act of recounting instances of his providence venture
Then I am about to make the most enormous encyclopedia
Unprecedented in volume and unmatched in content
But this last instance sums it up 

The world, in the most horrific darkness it was engulfed
Helpless, the situation seemed
Mankind, from the enormity of his trespasses his doom was certain
At Bethlehem of Judea
In a manger with the baby Jesus Wrapped in swaddling clothes
The good Lord, his providence shown!

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