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Not that you can blame the people though, years of misrule, lies and deceit account for this. The President is on an entitled vacation and has decided to use a stone to kill two birds. Rest and Tests. Medical tests and treatment in London. Not that there are no wonderful vacation spots befitting a President or the best of healthcare in Nigeria, variety is the spice of life and at seventy four a man needs all the spices he can get to live longer. Whether from the other room or in a London hospital room. ‘Innit?’

I am not sure we have allowed him to have that rest considering the great ululation from both the wasted generation which interestingly is his generation and the generation of the collective children of anger and wailing wailers. Were it not for his military background, the stress of how the whole nation went berserk because of this vacation is enough to aggravate his health condition. If there is anytime we need to thank God for a once-military-now-civilian-president, it is now. He has survived all death wishes and arrows thrown at him which started during the election campaign.

In case these evil people do not know, no one can determine the life of another and it is pure evil to wish someone death more so the number one citizen. Besides, this recession period, not only do we not desire the death of our President, we cannot afford his death. If twenty eight million three hundred thousand naira was budgeted for newspapers in Aso Rock in the 2017 budget how much will be the budget for a state funeral? Several Billions of course! After all this is Nigeria and the giant of Africa only deals with giant financial figures. Where do we get that kind of money from? Shall we now beckon on China, our backup CBN to borrow us money for a state funeral cum ‘owambe’ party. God forbid. This is Nigeria and not Yoruba nation.

In case we have forgotten, the President admitted that the challenges they met are far enormous that what they anticipated. Perhaps the enormity of these challenges is taking a toll on the president and on Sunday the 5th of February he remembered that he was coming home to meet an anti-government protest, fear gripped him and he decided to use ‘wisdom’. No wonder the letter of leave extension to the senate has no specific date of return. Baba cannot allow some dissidents to send him to his early grave. Thank God for the wisdom of the elders. I hope somebody or people around him have told him that the protests still held despite Mr. Innocent’s withdrawal. Some rumour mongers said that the DSS violated his innocence that was why he pulled out. This is outrageous and nothing can be farther from the truth. What innocence is left to be violated of a man with seven children? Even I, with just two boys and still counting, my innocence level is greatly depleted if not exhausted yet. Thanks to the other room! Also, he should ask for plenty shock absorber vaccines and pills from London because when he comes back and things do not change for the better, more of these protests will come.

Now on a more serious note, as a nation we need to be more objective and matured in the way we act and react to news and events. President Buhari should be greatly commended for following the rule of law by transmitting to the National Assembly his intention to go on vacation thus allowing the Vice President to act in his capacity pending his return. This is a quantum leap from the events that saw late President Yar’Adua leave this country without due process thus creating a leadership vacuum and throwing the nation to unnecessary tension. He has set a noble standard and it shows that we are maturing as a democracy.

What shall I say about our incurable unbelief as a nation? Mr. Femi Adesina, the spokesperson said he spoke to the people around the President and they assured that all is well, we saw a picture of Governor Amosun and the President, The Vice President confirmed he is in touch with the President, The Senate President said he spoke with him as well. In all of these, the people still do not believe. What else do we want him to do to prove that he is alive and well? A video perhaps and who says a video cannot be doctored? The groom need not be unnecessarily anxious awaiting the arrival of the bride after all the bride shall sleep under his roof that night. Eventually, our President is coming back to us but in the meantime let us appreciate the fact that this country has not been grounded because of leadership vacuum. Can we just let this Buhari vacation saga rest and face more serious and productive business like rightly occupying the office of the citizen and keeping our leaders on their toes to bring the change they promised.

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