Dear Holyfield, please handle our Jagaban with care.

  • This charity fight is part of the events lined up for Lagos @50 celebrations. 
  • The fight is between Bola Tinubu (65) and former world heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield (54).
  • Wole Soyinka is the referee.

Our take on the matter
  • It will definitely be fun.
  • However, we are begging Holyfield not to forget that it is a charity fight. Any untempered jab at Jagaban could result in catastrophe of monumental proportions.
  • Safety first, therefore referee Soyinka should keep a bucket of water handy in case we need to revive somebody.
  • Besides, we do not want Mummy Remi to go through the stress of administering Aboniki balm to Jagaban due to sustained injuries.
  • Evander! Evander!! Evander!!! how many times did we call you? Be guided. Period.

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