Dear Don Jazzy and Cobhams Asuquo, spotter of talents, how did you miss Senator Dino Melaye?


  • The embattled Senator Dino has just released a video singing and dancing. 
  • This is to taunt his political adversaries insisting he did not graduate from ABU

Our take on the matter
  • Senator Dino is a true politician with a comedic coloration
  • He 'no dey send' anybody
  • He sure knows a thing or two about Yoruba folklore and songs 

  • In case 2019 doesn't go as planned, he'd better take his music career serious as PlanB, that is another sure way to ensure the fast life and fast cars are maintained if he 'blows'. Davido and Wizzy Baba Nla are examples
  • We recommend Don Jazzy and Cobhams to team up, polish his career and make a star out of him. It will be the stuff of legends.
  • And all the talented DJs in Naija starting from Baba won DJ Jimmy Jatt and the rest, food is ready, party remix is here courtesy of Senator Dino.
  • Clarence Peters and co, you never can tell, directing a video of the song after production by Don Jazzy and Cobhams can make you win big at AMVCA 

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