Daily Word Tonic 28/03/2017- How well are you leveraging on divine help?

Abayomi G. Omotayo

You have unlimited capacity to overcome. Always.

Psalm 18:29 (NLT) 'In your strength I can crush an army, with my God I can scale any wall'

An army or a wall means any thing standing between you and your goals.

As a student, maybe that exam or course you dread?
As a professional maybe that proposal or presentation or business meeting that is putting you on the edge or that professional exam that everyone says it's very difficult to pass?
Health issues?
Finance issues?
Family issues?

Whatever the challenge, relax! with God, you can overcome not just sometimes but always. Just ask for his help, he is the helper of the helpless and you will begin to do unbelievable things and achieve jaw dropping results.

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