Ali Ndume: From senate leader to ordinary member to suspended member. All Hail Bukky and the Gang

  • Senator Ali Ndume, the Senator who called for Senators Saraki and Melaye's probe has been suspended by the Senate for six months. 
  • Why? because he did not 'make due diligence' before filing a petition against the aforementioned senators.
Our take on the matter 
  • Due diligence or not, what about the issues raised by Senator Ndume that made him call for a probe. The suspension should not invalidate that.
  • Our present crop of National Assembly members have been watching too much mafia films or how would you explain all the drama, plots and intrigues.
  • Remember Hon. Jibrin, a member of the house of representatives? the same fate befell him when he attempted to take on the leadership of the House of Representatives. Is the leadership of the National Assembly (both chambers) so ruthless? This is a rhetorical question.
  • This whole drama is not yet over, we only hope that the National Assembly members would not consume themselves in politicking but if that is what it takes to move Nigeria forward and wrestle her from the grip of greedy, selfish and dubious politicians, so be it.
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