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Is the biggest music single of the year from the Nigerian Senate in the offing?

Senators Ademola Adeleke (L) and Dino Melaye (R)
These two Nigerian Senators Ademola Adeleke and Dino Melaye are the most artistically talented senators in the eight National Assembly.
In doubt? Check out Dino's performances here and here, while Senator Adeleke's performance can be found here.
When they were pictured together, our musings instinct told us perhaps we are in for a chart toping music collaboration from them.  Senator Dino - lead singerSenator Adeleke - lead choreographerSenate President Bukola Saraki - Executive ProducerRecord Label - Nigerian Senate Music Inc.We nominate @donjazzy and @cobhamsasuquo as joint producers.  We bet 'Alaba boys' (another word for the HQ of piracy in Nigeria and unfortunately the government is clueless in tackling this menace killing our creative industry) wouldn't dare pirate this.
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Is Aso Rock smelly or someone IMPORTANT farted?

President Buhari (L), Oba Ewuare II of Benin kingdom (M) and his subject (R)
Background On Thursday 23 November, 2017 the Oba of Benin visited President Buhari in Aso Rock.This is not the subject of our musing but the look on the face of the king's subject. Our take on the matter Pictures say a thousand words...then the distraught face of the subject could mean a thousand things but two things come to mind, either;That particular spot where the picture was taken is smelly perhaps from rats' poo and urine. This is not impossible considering the news of rat infestation following the President's last medical vacation or;Someone farted! Now you decide who that someone could be.Conclusion The smell must have been out of this world for the subject to betray his emotions openly like that. He 'spoil face finish'. Chai! *in a certain Mrs. Goodluck's voice*
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Bowen University Alumni Ibadan chapter End of the Year Reunion

It's that time of the year where you need to relax, hook up with old friends, make new friends and above all, PARTY HARD!!! 

Bowen University Alumni (Ibadan Chapter) presents the hottest End of the Year Jam of 2017.
Date: Saturday, Dec. 16, 2017.
Venue: Spoons n Swallows Restaurant, Dept of Aquaculture & Fisheries Mgt, University of Ibadan.  
Time: 3pm.  

There will also be a grand reception for Bowen corps members posted to Oyo state. 
For ticket booking, sponsorship and information, please call- 08034632064 or 07062398323 
Please note if you are outside Ibadan city and you still want to join the Ibadan chapter for the reunion party, you are most welcome! 
DON'T YOU DARE MISS IT. Let's *Reconnect, Network and Bond* for a better tomorrow...

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VIDEO:Is it harder to drive a truck than 'drive' America as POTUS?

Well, decide for yourself after watching the video.
Credit: Transport for NSW
This is a great enlightenment campaign and we feel this video should go round the world especially in Nigeria where tanker/truck drivers by default drive recklessly (our personal opinion though). It would make other road users more careful and proactive in relating with them thus avoiding accidents.
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Amazing: In America, the quickest way to get a job right now is giving the middle finger to POTUS' motorcade

Caveat: you may get fired first but hundreds of thousands of job offers will come afterwards.
Juli Briskman (credit: Google images)

Background In Virginia, 50 year old Ms Juli Briskman was cycling about the same time POTUS' motorcade was passing. Customarily, she saluted but in a 'creative' way, she gave the middle finger instead of the traditional salute.Consequently, she was fired from her marketing executive her job at Akima LLC, a U.S. government contracting firm.Briskman has now received 453,678 job offers (and still counting) from employers all across America. Credit: Juli Briskman
Our take on the matter She is lucky she is from America, if she tries that in Africa, Nigeria especially, she probably will be in DSS detention center right now, spending weeks and months without trial.She may never get a job until the present government leaves as employers would not have the balls to align with her against The President.Dear immigrants, borrow yourself some sense, NEVER copy …

Where is The Nigeria Police Force? Bottom rung of the ladder of service delivery worldwide. See proof.

Idris Ibrahim, Inspector General of Police
Background NPF is the first from behind in terms of service delivery. This is according to the World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) released by the International Police Science Association (IPSA) and the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).WISPI measures the ability of the police and other security providers to address internal security issues in 127 countries, across four domains, using sixteen indicators,” authors of the report stated. The four domains are, capacity, process, legitimacy and outcomes.Nigeria is ranked 127 out of 127 countries. 'You say?'Our take on the matter We are not surprised, cellotaped ammunitions, slippers wearing SARS men harassing people, unnecessary siren blaring, illegal roadblocks etc etc. As you lay your bed so you lie on it goes the adage.
Conclusion If Nigeria is a country whose people have a decent sense of shame, 'someone' would have resigned by now or explaining profusely in front…

Are men better at sycophancy than women? This picture will help you decide

Above is the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari being cheered by members of National Assembly but interestingly the women are seated, looking unimpressed while the men are in cloud nine of excitement.
It is often said that women are more emotional than men and are easily moved by what they hear. If this is true, shall we then conclude that his speech or presentation was uninspiring yet the men make it seem like the best thing that's happened to them is hearing the speech or the president standing in front of them.
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