VIDEO:Is it harder to drive a truck than 'drive' America as POTUS?

Well, decide for yourself after watching the video.
Credit: Transport for NSW
This is a great enlightenment campaign and we feel this video should go round the world especially in Nigeria where tanker/truck drivers by default drive recklessly (our personal opinion though). It would make other road users more careful and proactive in relating with them thus avoiding accidents.
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Amazing: In America, the quickest way to get a job right now is giving the middle finger to POTUS' motorcade

Where is The Nigeria Police Force? Bottom rung of the ladder of service delivery worldwide. See proof.

Are men better at sycophancy than women? This picture will help you decide

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Finally, Zenith Bank succumbs to gravitational pull. We think GTB masterminded this and TSA catalyzed it.

CONFIRMED! Donald Trump and Muhammadu Buhari have the same faux pas DNA strands in their bodies

Nigeria the "borrow borrow" country...once upon a time there was OBJ and Okonjo, now there is PMB and Adeosun

Rats from hell they are. 7 weeks after Buhari's return, he's yet to repossess his erstwhile rat infested main office

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Now that President Buhari's main focus is on the North...according to world bank, IF he decides to contest in 2019, he'd better focus on the North to give him all the votes he'll need

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